Ways for You to Keep Connected

The Rural School and Community Trust provides a variety of services to increase the capacity of rural schools, teachers, young people, and communities to develop and implement high-quality, place-based education. These services include:
  • Training
  • Networking
  • Technical Assistance
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Research
  • Materials

Site Registration

Registration at the Rural Trust website is free and available to anyone. Once you register you have access to a vast database of rural education articles, reports, and resources. You can also create your own MyRSCT page, which will automatically gather resources specific to your interests and display them each time you login.

Rural Policy Matters Newsletter

With your registration also comes a subscription to Rural Policy Matters (RPM), the monthly e-newsletter of rural school and community action. Each month RPM covers a range of topics critical to rural communities, including rural school funding, state and national policy updates, new and innovative programs for rural schools, and more. Click here to start your subscription.

Rural School Innovation Network

When you register, you can choose to join the Rural School Innovation Network (RSIN), a mutual-aid network for sharing innovations that improve rural education, especially in the poorest rural communities in the United States. As an alliance of rural education and community advocates, the RSIN works to connect schools with their communities to improve the outcomes for school-aged children and young adults.
By registering with this website, subscribing to Rural Policy Matters, and/or joining the Rural School Innovation Network, you tap into a wealth of resources that will help improve the quality of education in your community.
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