Rural Policy Matters: May 2013

Last Updated: May 30, 2013

Rural Policy Matters: May 2012

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The May 2013 issue of Rural Policy Matters includes the release of “Violence in U.S. K–12 Schools,” a Rural Trust special report; Why Policy Matters: Legal Interventions, the fourth in our series on the importance of policy advocacy; a story on the 2013 rural winner of a Leonore Annenberg College Scholarship and a story announcing the elementary school recipients of awards from the Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children. Rural School Funding News covers a variety of important developments in school privatization efforts as well as finance lawsuits and state budget fights. There’s also important School Discipline News and a graph.

Facts and Figures About Salaries in Rural and Metropolitan Areas
 What is the average pay of a job in a rural area compared to a job in a metropolitan area?

Violence in U.S. Schools, 1975-2013: A Rural Trust Special Report
The March RPM special edition on school violence has been released as a downloadable Rural Trust special report and includes updated text and additional graphics. The report found surprising patterns in incidents of school violence, including important information for violence prevention. The report emphasizes rural perspectives throughout.

The Rules We Play By, Part 4: Legal Interventions
Legal interventions, specifically lawsuits, play an important role in shaping public policy and can have a range of surprising effects among the groups who bring them.

Leonore Annenberg Scholarship, Fellowship, and School Funds Benefit Rural High School Student and Two Rural Elementary Schools
A high school junior from rural Vermont and two rural elementary schools, one in Georgia and one in South Carolina, have received generous support from the Leonore Annenberg Scholarship, Fellowship, and School Funds.

Aeronautics in the Future for 2013 Rural Leonore Annenberg Scholarship Winner
A high school junior interested in rocketry and engineering has been selected for a significant national scholarship.

2013 Rural Recipients of Grants from the Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children
Two rural elementary schools have been awarded funds from the Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children.



The April edition of School Discipline Policy continues coverage of major developments during the period in which the RPM Special Report on School Violence temporarily replaced regular RPM features. These developments include efforts to stem the school-to-prison pipeline and to reduce corporal punishment in schools.

Federal Involvement in School Discipline Reform Yields Results
Federal officials have forced significant reforms to school disciplinary practices to reduce disparate treatment and keep students in school and out of prison.

Colorado Youth Win Agreement to Stem the School to Prison Pipeline
A youth-led coalition has won another victory in the process of improving policies in order to keep students out of the criminal justice system.

North Carolina Board Takes Stand Against Corporal Punishment
As its use dies out, the state board officially discourages the practice of corporal punishment.


Rural School Funding News

The April edition of Rural School Funding News continues coverage of major developments during the period in which the RPM Special Report on School Violence temporarily replaced regular RPM features. The stories address school finance lawsuits, state budgetary negotiations, and the impact of privatization and charter efforts.

Texas Districts Prevail in Ruling; Appeal Will Follow
The school funding trial in the Lone Star State has ended, but legislative response and plans for an appeal to the state supreme court are underway.

Formula Fight in Ohio: Big Questions about New Directions
Governor John Kasich released his budget proposal earlier this year, but legislators and education stakeholders have not embraced it in the face of questions about equity, privatizing initiatives, and actual impact on schools.

Colorado School Finance Action in Court and Legislature
The Colorado Supreme Court heard oral arguments and ruled on the constitutionality of the state’s school finance system in advance of the Legislature undertaking reforms to that system.

Washington Legislature Works to Address Court Order
As this year’s session ends, lawmakers approve increases for education, but it is still unclear whether voters must approve tax hikes.

School Fees at Issue in Idaho and California
An Idaho grandfather’s efforts to stop school districts from charging student fees has met with procedural hurdles; California will clarify when fees can be charged.

Louisiana Voucher Funding Unconstitutional
The Louisiana Supreme Court says voucher law diverts money exclusively designated for public schools.

Alabama Voucher Law Passes Amid Major Controversy
Alabama’s new voucher law may still face legal hurdles despite overcoming one lawsuit before being signed by Governor Robert Bentley.

States Continue Charter School Debates
A number of states continue to struggle with policy decisions related to charter school, particularly virtual charters.



Local Revenue per Pupil, 2000-2009
Schools in towns and rural communities have, on average, much less local revenue per pupil than schools in cities and suburbs.