2010 Rural School and Community Trust / Fund For Teachers Grant Recipients

Last Updated: October 26, 2010

Fund for Teachers During the summer of 2010, 14 teachers from 12 schools from around the country travelled and learned thanks to a grant from the Rural School and Community Trust and Fund for Teachers. By following their passions these teachers were ready when they returned to the classroom to inspire their students and help them follow their dreams.

The Rural School and Community Trust partnered with Fund for Teachers to provide grants for self-directed national and international learning opportunities to teachers at Rural Trust affiliated schools in several states. Curriculum developed by the 2010 Fund for Teachers awardees is available here.

The Rural Trust currently offers fellowships for self-directed international learning opportunities to teachers through its Global Teacher Fellowship program.

Resources from Past Fund for Teachers Awardees

Dixie Elementary School, Opelika
Librarian Pamela Williamson toured Germany, the Netherlands, and France to observe how European culture and landscape influenced modern day fairy tales to bring the written word to life for students.

 Presentation: Fairy Tales and Battle Grounds
 Curriculum: Letters from War
Zachary Elementary School, Zachary
2nd- and 3rd-grade teachers Kristy Gilpin and Breigh Rainey traveled through Italy and France in the footsteps of great Renaissance thinkers, searching for their sources of inspiration that will empower their students to creatively seek methods for expanding their world view.

 Planning Guide and Curriculum: Leonardo da Vinci: Many Faces of Genius
Zachary Elementary School, Zachary
Spanish teacher Darketa Green participated in a Spanish language and culture immersion program in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, to create a new curriculum for students of elementary Spanish.

 Planning Guide and Curriculum: Mexico's History, Language, and Culture
Searsport High School, Searsport
Science teacher Dawn Staples-Knox traveled to Hot Springs, South Dakota to learn from scientists how to excavate, record, and preserve Mammoth bones and develop lessons for students.

 Curriculum: 9th Grade Earth and Environmental Unit: Earth's History
Skowhegan Area High School, Skowhegan
English/Journalism teacher Paul Deagle attended a conference wth famed author, Alistair Macleaod at the 2010 Humber School for Writers Summer Program in Toronto, Canada to enhance his classroom writing instruction.

 Presentation: Humber School for Writers Summer Program
 Curriculum: Developing an Emerging Authors K–12 Creative Writing Curriculum
Gainesville Elementary School, Gainesville
Librarian Rebecca Grisham visited the homes of Laura Ingalls Wilder in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota to enhance and inspire students' personal connection with reading.

 Presentation: Laura Ingalls Wilder: Inspiring Students to Make a Personal Connection With Reading
 Curriculum: Laura Ingalls Wilder: Inspiring Students to Make a Personal Connection With Reading
Northwest High School, Littleton
High school Algebra teacher Mike Beebe visited renewable energy technology centers across the U.S. to observe, research, and ultimately develop a standards-aligned project-based Algebra II curriculum.

 Presentation: Renewing Math
 Curriculum: Renewable Energy
Pasquotank County High School, Elizabeth City
Latin teacher Mary Lou Carroll enhanced current units on Rome and Pompeii by exploring the archaeology and identity of coastal Campania and learned more about how Greeks became Romans on the Bay of Naples.

 Presentation: See Flickr web photo album: www.flickr.com/photos/50627929@N03/
 Curriculum: Greco-Roman Civilization
Saluda High School, Saluda
High School history teacher Dean Roesner participated in a National Consortium for Teaching about Asia in Japan program to expand understanding of East Asia and more effectively teach rural students about their world citizenship.

 Presentation: NCTA Study Tour of Japan, July 9-19, 2010
 Curriculum: Travel Video of Japan
North Country Union High School, Newport
Technology teacher Robert Dunn completed an internship with master guitar maker George Rizsanyi in Nova Scotia, Canada, to learn how to make musical instruments and create a new unit that applies mathematic concepts to the building of instruments.

 Presentation: Making Musical Instruments
 Curriculum: Making Musical Instruments
Newark Street School, Newark
Elementary school teachers Angela Russ and Anne Gibavic followed the journey of early Alaskan settlers, exploring the state's art, history, and ecology to supplement their school and community's local salmon restoration and enhancement project.

 Presentation: Alaska: Operation Salmon Adventure
 Presentation Script: Alaska: Operation Salmon Adventure
 Curriculum: Alaska: Landforms, Tlingit Culture, And Salmon
Frankford Elementary School, Frankford
Elementary school teacher Donna Legg observed small diverse communities and schools in South Dakota, Arkansas, Alabama and North Carolina to create a multicultural unit that encourages students to embrace their own traditions and culture while respecting those of others.

 Presentation: Cultural Diversity
 Curriculum: Cultural Diversity