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Last Updated: September 18, 2009

The following websites are good sources of information with regard to rural schools and school districts.
Center for Rural Affairs
The Center for Rural Affairs works to establish strong rural communities, social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and genuine opportunity for all while engaging people in decisions that affect the quality of their lives and the future of their communities.
Center for Rural Strategies
The Center for Rural Strategies seeks to improve economic and social conditions for communities in the countryside and around the world through the creative and innovative use of media and communications. By presenting accurate and compelling portraits of rural lives and cultures, we hope to deepen public debate and create a national environment in which positive change for rural communities can occur.
Center for School Change
The Center for School Change is a program of the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. The Center works with educators, parents, business people, students, policy-makers and other concerned people throughout the United States to increase student achievement, raise graduation rates, improve student attitudes toward learning, their schools, and their communities, and strengthen communities through building stronger working relationships among educators, parents, students and other community members.
Challenge West Virginia
Challenge West Virginia is a statewide organization of parents, educators and other West Virginians committed to maintaining and improving small community schools. Our goal is to reform education in the Mountain State so that citizens have a voice in policy decisions and every child has the opportunity to receive a first-class education and the promise of a bright future.

Community Foundation of the Ozarks
The Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO) is a public foundation serving the Missouri Ozarks. CFO is dedicated to working with its donors, nonprofit partners, and affiliated community foundations in meaningful and purposeful ways. The Foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in our region through resource development, community grantmaking, collaboration, and public leadership. The Foundation launched the Rural Schools Partnership, a comprehensive effort to enhance rural education through alternative resource development, collaboration, and place-based education strategies.
Daily Yonder
The Daily Yonder is a daily multi-media source of news, commentary, research, and features. As mainstream TV and newspapers retreat from small towns, the Daily Yonder is coming on strong. Check here throughout the day for breaking news, commentary, reports from our rural correspondants, updates from the best rural bloggers, and eye-opening photography from across the rural U.S.
East Feliciana LPP
Website for the East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, schools.
Iberville LPP
Website for the Iberville Parish, Louisiana schools.
Mississippi Education Working Group (Southern Echo)
Southern Echo is a leadership development, education and training organization working to develop effective accountable grassroots leadership in the African-American communities in rural Mississippi and the surrounding region through comprehensive training and technical assistance programs. Southern Echo's underlying goal is to empower local communities through effective community organizing work, in order to create a process through which community people can build the broad-based organizations necessary to hold the political, economic, educational, and environmental systems accountable to the needs and interests of the African-American community.
North Carolina Justice and Community Development Center
The North Carolina Justice Center is the state’s leading progressive advocacy and research organization. Its mission is to end poverty in North Carolina by ensuring that every household has access to the resources, services and fair treatment it needs to achieve economic security.
Save Our Cumberland Mountains
Save Our Cumberland Mountains (SOCM) is a non-profit Tennessee grassroots organization working state-wide for social, environmental and economic justice in areas such as sustainable forestry, clear cutting, strip mining, mountain top removal, AML, toxic issues, aerial spraying, tax reform, voter rights and dismantling racism.   Members also work on many other issues at the local level.
The Northern New Mexico Network for Rural Education
The Northern New Mexico Network for Rural Education is a cooperative of twenty-eight rural school districts, working together to improve the quality of life in rural northern New Mexico by being an advocate and catalyst for the improvement of education for all children.
Vermont Rural Partnership
The Vermont Rural Partnership (VRP) is a coalition of 17 of Vermont's smallest, most rural, economically challenged schools and communities. The schools are located in seven counties and range in size from Newark School with 49 students K-8 to People's Academy in Morrisville with 450. Our mission is accomplished with the full engagement of community members and resources, the ability to network and learn from others within the Partnership, and the help of selected technical assistance partners.
Western Maine Partnership
The Western Maine Partnership is a regional network of 32 school districts or schools and University of Maine at Farmington. Its purpose is to promote the development of learning-centered schools where students and their educators are deeply engaged in learning. Central to the Partnership is a core belief that good schools — schools that support the learning of diverse students — also support the continuous development of their educators. You can’t have one without the other. The Partnership is also based on a belief that the University has a stake in school improvement, just as schools have a stake in the education of teachers.
Wisconsin Rural Challenge
Wisconsin Rural Partners, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization, chartered to pursue an educational mission dedicated to building collaborative partnerships across the public and private sectors for the benefit of rural Wisconsin. Wisconsin Rural Partners' mission is 'to build networks, leadership and voice for rural Wisconsin." Wisconsin Rural Partners has evolved into the premier network for rural community residents, leaders and service providers who want to improve the quality of life in rural Wisconsin.

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