April 1, 2015 is Deadline for Farmers to Nominate their Public School District to Receive Math and Science Grants

Last Updated: March 09, 2015

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The America's Farmers Grow Rural Education is made possible by the Monsanto Fund. Farmer nominations are due April 1, 2015. School districts need to apply by April 15, 2015 to be eligible to compete for a grant. There are 1,324 counties eligible in 40 states. To see if your county is eligible, please visit: Eligible Counties

A farmer in your area nominates your school, or you can ask farmers you know to nominate your district. One nomination is all you need to receive your invitation to apply, but more shows community support for your school district. Farmers can call 1-877-267-3332 to make a nomination and should ask for an invitation code when they call. School districts may then choose to apply for a grant of either $10,000 or $25,000. Applications will be evaluated based on the merit of the application, need and community support by a panel of teachers and the America's Farmers Grow Rural Education Farmer Advisory Council, and winners will be announced in early August 2015.

For more information, please visit: America's Farmers Grow Rural Education