Coalition for Teaching Quality Policy Recommendations

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

This article appeared in the October 2014 Rural Policy Matters.

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The Coalition for Teaching Quality, a network of some 70 organizations including the Rural Trust, issued a report earlier this month that outlines key policies for meeting the nation's needs for excellent teachers in all schools and classes. 

The report, “Excellent Educators for Each and Every Child,” addresses the well-documented staffing challenges of schools with high rates of poverty and/or high percentages of minority students. Low-income students and students of color are much more likely that other students to be taught be teachers who are inexperienced, are teaching out of their certification field, or are not licensed at all. These students also have less access to college-preparatory curriculum and high-level academic courses.

The report identifies four key areas in which policy action is needed:

  • strengthen the recruitment pipeline;
  • ensure that the next generation of educators are profession-read;
  • create opportunities for continuous professional learning and growth; and
  • provide pathways for teacher and principal leadership.

The report also makes recommendations for developing successful school leaders.

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