Every Child in Every Neighborhood

Last Updated: July 05, 2011

“Every Child in Every Neighborhood” is a video from the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) that outlines their efforts to transform that school system into a full-service community school district, where schools act as resource and service hubs that connect with local partners to help build healthy and vibrant schools and communities.

In this model, every school site offers high levels of learning along with physical health, mental health, dental and eye care; nutrition, physical education, recreation, before-school and afterschool programs; housing, employment, parenting and language acquisition courses and a range of other programs.

Social and human services are not seen as extra or add-ons in these schools. Instead, collaboration in service of the well-being of children and families is how they consistently behave.

Click here to view the video, or learn more about OUSD’s “Community Schools, Thriving Students” initiative, or to review their five-year strategic plan, visit www.thrivingstudents.org.