Rural School Innovations Webinar: The New England Network for Personalization and Performance

Last Updated: April 26, 2011

The New England Network for Personalization and Performance (NETWORK), created by the Plymouth, Massachusetts School District and the Center for Secondary School Redesign, Inc. (CSSR), was the focus of the third Rural School and Community Trust webinar in the 2010-2011 Rural School Innovations Webinar Series.

Hosted by Doris Terry Williams, Executive Director, Rural School and Community Trust, this webinar was held Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

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NETWORK’s innovation envisions a redesigned rural high school where learning happens anytime, anyplace, and where students demonstrate their learning through complex, rigorous performance assessments. This builds on very innovative work that has been accomplished in a number of rural schools in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont that have implemented performance-based initiatives.

Representatives from three rural Districts in New Hampshire will be featured on this webinar.

  • Chris Geraghty, a teacher at Kearsarge High, will discuss the High School Teacher’s Perspective on Inquiry-Based Authentic Assessments
  • Steve Beals, Principal, Laconia High School, will discuss the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills through study outside of the traditional classroom methodology.
  • John Freeman, Superintendent from Pittsfield, NH, will explain what the Superintendent’s role must be for successful implementation of personalized learning environments in rural districts.

The hypothesis of this project is that students who participate in inquiry-based learning experiences tied to performance assessments will experience success in school and be better prepared for college and/or career experiences.

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