Place-Based Learning Portfolio Workbook

Last Updated: September 01, 2003

Place-Based Learning is rooted in the unique history, culture, environment and economy of a particular place. The community provides a context for learning, student work focuses on community needs and interests, and community members serve as resources and partners in every aspect of teaching and learning. The local focus has the power to engage students academically, pairing relevance with rigor, while opening windows to the world and promoting genuine citizenship.

To enhance and promote place-based learning, the Rural Trust set about the task of creating tools and strategies capable of documenting and measuring the full impact of learning that unfolds both inside and outside a school's walls, and for using the evidence that these strategies yield to improve place-based learning efforts. These tools and strategies evolved into the Place-Based Learning Portfolio, a self-evaluation system in which school and community groups gather evidence of their place-based learning efforts, tell the story of their work while drawing on that evidence, and then analyze and reflect on their progress toward their goals.

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