Learning with Public Purpose

Last Updated: March 01, 2006

Learning with Public Purpose (LPP) is the Rural Trust’s answer to simultaneously improving rural schools and communities. When student learning contributes to the larger public purposes of the community, young people develop the habits of citizenship and service while also deepening their understanding of knowledge in core subjects. The community reaps the benefits of what young people can accomplish when they are engaged, challenged, and valued as citizens of their place.

Project Overview (PDF)


Project Descriptions


Maine School Planting Project
Erosion Restoration Project
Poland MS/HS
Poland, Maine
  Pending Mt. Abrams Regional HS
Salem, Maine
  Pending Madison HS
Madison, Maine
  Documenting Community History with
Modern Mediums
Jackman Forest Hills School
Jackman, Maine
  Promoting New Cultural and Business
Skowhegan MS
Skowhegan, Maine
Louisiana Deer Population Impact Study
Health Fair
Wildflower Identification and Tree Study
E. Feliciana Parish School District
  The Elderly and Earned Tax Credit St. Helena Parish School District
  A New Approach to the Tiger Paw Café Iberville Parish School District
  Lumberjack Pride Bogalusa City

Grand Canyon Historic Tour
Lioness in the Community
Reading with Cannon County

Cannon County High School
Woodbury, Tennessee


"Apple applauds Skowhegan school" Morning Sentinel February 4, 2008
"Apple Film will Focus on School" Morning Sentinel September 8, 2007
"Newsflash: Students Embrace Technology and History" Maine Mountain Heritage Network News November 2007


Project Evaluation Tools
Student Survey Instructions – Participant Group
Student Survey Instructions – Comparison Group
• Student Survey – Comparison Group
Student Survey – Participant Group
Teacher Survey
Partner Survey
Community Member Survey
• Interview Release Form (Spanish)

LPP Rationale
LPP Logic Model

LPP Project Design Template
Project Design Template


Corporation for National & Community Service 

This project made possible
through funding from the
Corporation for National
& Community Service