East Iberville High Gets $48,797 Grant

Last Updated: February 27, 2009

A State Farm Insurance youth advisory board has awarded a $48,797 grant to fund teaching of financial literacy to students at East Iberville High School in St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

Brooke Cluse, a spokeswoman for State Farm, said the grant was presented at the school to the Louisiana representative of Washington, D.C.- based Rural School and Community Trust.

The group will establish and oversee the year-long program.

"The program will teach financial literacy and help students make sound financial decisions," Cluse said.

Rural School and Community Trust is among 68 organizations across the nation that received $5 million in grants for school programs, Cluse said.

She said the community trust organization was chosen through a competitive process by State Farm's youth advisory board, a group of 30 youths age 17 to 20.

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