2008 Rural School and Community Trust / Fund For Teachers Grant Recipients

Last Updated: April 03, 2009

Fund for Teachers

The Rural School and Community Trust partnered with Fund for Teachers to provide grants for self-directed national and international learning opportunities to teachers at Rural Trust affiliated schools in several states. Curriculum developed by the 2008 Fund for Teachers awardees is available here.

The Rural Trust currently offers fellowships for self-directed international learning opportunities to teachers through its Global Teacher Fellowship program.

Resources from Past Fund for Teachers Awardees

Tracy Martin, East Iberville Elementary/High School, St. Gabriel, Louisiana
Business Computer Applications: Writing a Business Plan
Tracy attended the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship Conference in Baltimore, Maryland to enhance her classroom curriculum and learn how to inspire students to become business owners. Her Writing a Business Plan curriculum uses software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher to teach students about the importance of owning their own business. Upon completion of this course, each student will have a binder containing a complete business plan which will be ready for submission to any lender if the student chooses.
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Beth Edwards, Dirigo High School, Dixfield, Maine
Southern Perspective of the American Civil War: Historic Sites in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania
Through this fellowship Beth explored Civil War history in multiple locations in Virginia and in Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania -- visiting historical locations and battlefields that southerners lived and died on for their cause. Beth brought back to her students classroom materials, pictures, videos, information, artifacts, and her personal experience and stories from visiting, studying and exploring the southern view of the American Civil War.
Curriculum Website: http://edwardsbeth.wikispaces.com/FundForTeachersUnitPlan
Lori Littlefield, Mt. Abram High School, Salem Township, Maine
Opening the Soul’s Shutter
A photographic journey through unspoiled villages of Ireland designed to promote avidity for art, history and culture. Lori developed the following curriculum from her experience.
  • Mt. Abram Mini-Ecosystem Transect Study
    The purpose of this lab is to conduct a one meter by one meter transect study of a selected mini-ecosystem on the trail system at Mt. Abram.
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  • Photographing the Mt. Abram Mini-Ecosystem
    The purpose of this activity is to capture the flora and fauna of your one meter by one meter transect from any number of angles to create interesting and informative photographs that help students determine the similarities and differences between their transects.
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  • Guidelines: MTA Mini-Ecosystem Website
    Create a website that includes all of the data from the transect study.
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  • Project Planning Guide
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Alex Ellsesser and Debra Rook, Chowan Middle School, Tyner, North Carolina
Human Rights: A Visual Exploration (Language Arts and Social Studies Components)
Alex and Debra volunteered with Care International in South Africa to interact with local culture, teach English and empower women in business. From their experiences they developed a Human Rights curriculum based on Ubuntu, a South African way of life. Ubuntu is the cultural acknowledgement of the community living together and being responsible for each other -- the greater, common bonds that tie us together as people. Includes reading, writing, multimedia projects.
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Cassie Galbier, Ocracoke School, Ocracoke, North Carolina
Pura Vida:  Life As a Tico
Cassie traveled through Costa Rica to study the Spanish language and Latin American culture while participating in conservation and community developmental work. Her curriculum examines a day in the life of a Tico (native Costa Rican) and considers the question "How is Ocracoke similar and different to Santa Cruz, Costa Rica?"
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Courtney Barker
Northampton High School – West, Gaston, NC
Journey to the Galapagos Islands to experience evolution, the effects of environmental restrictions on poverty and the ecotourism trade.
Josh DoBell, KIPP Pride High School, Gaston, North Carolina
11th Grade American Literature Oral History and Research Project: A Place-Based Learning Unit
Josh embarked on a literary road trip to seek, observe, and write; gaining insight from good storytellers and modeling sincere inquiry and passion for storytelling. He believes that valuing the stories of his students’ elders will build both relationships within the community and improve the relationship between the community and the school.
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Christina Fearon, Barnett School, Barnett, Vermont
Canyons and Mountains, Grades K-2
Christina traveled to national parks and other destinations in the United States to study geology and geography in order to enhance teaching in these curriculum areas, and developed the following activities based on her experiences.
  • Introduction to Canyons (Grades K-2)
    This lesson introduces students to canyons and has them consider what canyons are, and how they are formed.
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  • Introduction to Mountains (Grades K-2)
    This lesson introduces students to mountains and has them consider what mountains are, and how they are formed.
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  • Project Planning Guide
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Donna Stone, Lynn Talamini  
Cabot School, Cabot, Vermont
Creating a Primary Unit Educational Play Space Lesson
Donna and Lynn visited exemplary rural schools in New Zealand to observe, study and learn best practices in teaching math and literacy. From their experience they created a curriculum that encourages students to take an active role in their community by planning, implementing and reflecting on activities that respond to community needs. The students will participate in the research, design, and construction of a Primary Unit playground and outdoor learning space.
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