About the Rural School Innovation Network

Last Updated: February 19, 2009

The Rural School and Community Trust invites you to join the Rural School Innovation Network (RSIN). This new initiative is a mutual-aid network for sharing innovations that improve rural education, especially in the poorest rural communities in the United States. As an alliance of rural education and community advocates, the RSIN will collectively work to connect schools with their communities to improve the outcomes for school-aged children and young adults. Please join this new initiative and become an active member.

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The Rural School Innovation Network Is...

  • A Rural School and Community Trust managed network of schools and school districts striving for excellence in challenging circumstances
  • A mutual self-help network sharing innovations that improve rural education, especially in the poorest rural communities
  • An alliance of rural education advocates working to improve policy for rural places

Who Should Join

  • Rural districts (rural defined as more than 50% of students in schools in rural census codes)
  • Rural schools and community organizations
  • Individuals committed to rural education
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RSIN Services

Connecting School and Community

Access to national experts on issues important to rural community and school leaders.

  • Developing community-based out-ofschool-time support models for schoolaged children and young adults
  • Developing a strategic plan for community-wide support of student learning
  • Working with community development groups to improve outcomes for young people

Policy and Advocacy

Regular updates on successful practices and information sharing

  • School finance and funding
  • Recruiting and retaining teachers in rural schools
  • Facilities finance and functions
  • Federal programs important to rural areas, including Title I

Professional Development

In-person and online professional development institutes targeting instructional practices and leadership.

  • Designing, implementing, and assessing place-based, project-based, and service learning projects that improve learning and meet community needs
  • Establishing and maintaining professional learning communities

RSIN Webinars: Professional Development for RSIN Members

No travel is necessary for these hour-long professional development online presentations; all you need is access to your computer and a phone. You will be sent a telephone number, login number and a PowerPoint presentation prior to each event. You and your staff follow along for the presentation and then join in with questions and conversation.

Mutual Self-Help

The power of rural citizens connecting with each other and sharing challenges and successes drives the RSIN Initiatives.

  • Encouraging members to contribute and suggest content and subject matter
  • Presenting members' best practices
  • Connecting members through online technology such as chat rooms/blogs
  • Sharing your stories of innovation with other members and encouraging collaboration through RSIN Quarterly case studies

How to Join

Use our Online Registration Form to begin your registration. Or, you may also download the Membership Brochure.

For More Information

Contact Robert Mahaffey, Director of Communications, Rural School and Community Trust, tel: 202-822-3919, email: info@ruraledu.org.